Every business needs the long-lasting loyalty of its customers. However, this can prove challenging when your business has remained more or less the same over the years, no matter how successful it may be. Here are a few helpful links from around the web to help you retain and re-engage those customers who helped bring you success from the start.

#1 Build a Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

Consider setting up a Customer Advisory Board as a way to keep the conversation going even after members have cancelled. It’s a great approach to help you leverage consumer ideas and remind past customers of your new business developments and improvements.

#2 Market, Market, Market

Don’t stop marketing. If you put an end to the marketing campaign tactics that initially brought you business, you may find this will be a fatal mistake in the long run. If you want to keep a loyal customer base, it’s absolutely essential that you continue investing in them.

#3 Put a Face Behind the Brand

Remind your customers that there is a real person running the show, not just a machine trying to sell, sell, sell. Express genuine concern for their absence and emphasize them (rather than your profit margin).

#4 Under Promise, Over Deliver

While it might seem counterproductive at first, lowering your customer’s expectations will ultimately allow for less dissatisfaction. Any uncertainty you may have about the level of service needed to maintain customer satisfaction can be eliminated by setting expectations a tad below the bar.

#5 Showcase Customer Experiences on Social Media

Use your company’s social media accounts to highlight personal customer experiences. After all, everyone likes the spotlight once in awhile. You can also show customers you care by sending happy birthday wishes or discounts.

#6 Maintain an Element of Surprise

Remember that consumers are always intrigued by fresh ideas, and do the unexpected. Maintaining a level of intrigue and giving customers surprise rewards can go far in ensuring their renewed interest and lasting loyalty.

#7 Be Honest in Everything You Do

Prove that you are worth your customers’ business by not taking ethical shortcuts. Your word should always match your actions, and if you succeed in this, you will find that your customers come to naturally expect a standard for quality, reliable service and ethical business practices.

#8 Hire a Business Coach

Consider hiring a business coach to really push your company to the next level. ActionCOACH Tampa Bay is here to help provide you with surefire methods to re-engage old customers.

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