The average person spends the greatest amount of their time each day at work. That’s a shocking reality, especially if you’re not in love with your job. While you probably won’t be able to change the number of hours you put in at your job any time soon, you can learn to fall in love with what you do all over again. Follow these seven tips to “reignite the romance” you once had with your job.

#1 Give yourself a break from time-to-time.

Take some time off to reevaluate your priorities. You’ll come back reinvigorated and have a clear head to help you tackle your most essential tasks at hand.

#2 Envision your dream self.

Evaluate your attitude and envision what you really want to do. You have to really believe in what you do, and if you don’t, it may be time to make a few adjustments.

#3 Be bold and ask for what you want.

Decide what it is that you really want at work, and ask for it. Achieving your dream job is not for the faint of heart.

#4 Assess your goals and make priorities accordingly.

Decide what you love about your work and prioritize your time so that you get to do that first. Time management can be tricky to master, but is absolutely essential to get where you want to go.

#5 If it’s broken, fix it.

Fix what is not working for you about your job, whether it’s your office décor or meeting schedules. Making changes that allow your workflow to come easier will take you far.

#6 Ask yourself where you add the greatest value.

Realize your purpose in your position and identify how you contribute. Knowing your innate strengths as well as the areas you add the most value will help quickly help you fall more in love with your job. Everyone likes to be good at what they do.

#7 Consider hiring a business coach to help you love your job.

Restructure your business so it’s more effective and successful with a little help from ActionCOACH. Business coaches are useful in enhancing performance, offering realistic assessments of current standings and suggestions for improvement and identifying personal strengths and weaknesses of your team members.

Being stuck in a job you hate isn’t worth it. However, when it comes down to it, most people are actually just dissatisfied with a few things about their jobs rather than the job itself. Use these tips to learn to love your job again.

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