The Value of Having a Business Coach for Lawyers

You’ve already studied the ins and outs of your field of law and continue to stay up-to-date. But do you study how to be an effective law practice owner or manager? If you’re struggling to balance your responsibilities as a practicing attorney with that of running your practice, take a moment to consider what a difference it would make if you had council and best practices for overcoming these common challenges:

  • A step-by-step marketing plan that significantly increases my new customers, revenues, and profits without taking all my energy away from day-to-day practice.
  • Efficient and effective way to add the right, motivated, great people to my team.
  • Stop working reactively, putting out fires, and become more proactive about building the practice
  • Get freedom of more time away from the practice, still knowing it is growing and creating more, and more, profits without me there.

The value of outside council

As a lawyer, you may skeptically ask, “What do you know about my industry?” It’s a good question, because you are typically seeking advice from other attorneys who appear more successful from the outside or advisors that are consultants who share their knowledge from past experiences. 

But how does that open you up to new thinking? How do you learn from attorneys the business owner’s success concepts that they didn’t learn in law school either? That’s where a business coach comes in who knows how to build a successful practice by reallocating some of the time you’re investing in learning law into learning practice ownership. The opportunity to have an expert business coach who is familiar enough with how a law practice works but knowledgeable enough to expose you to new knowledge that you don’t know you don’t know.  Experts who have the general and the specific knowledge you need so that you can take meaningful action.

Pride and the need for control can keep you recycling the same self-generated or industry-generated strategies while still confronting the same challenges. This is the very definition of insanity. But an unbiased third party, someone invested in your success, will help you let go of that pride and achieve breakthrough results.  An expert business coach will help you:

  • See your practice from a new perspective 
  • Set achievable goals that move you toward success
  • Help you and your staff improve service and retention of clients
  • Develop your firm’s leadership and systems so that it runs itself

You’ll learn how to understand your financials, improve your profitability, convert more of your prospects into clients and make a great impression on your clients that creates a referral-based business. You can learn a simple technique for overcoming the price objection and start converting more prospects immediately in this post on overcoming objections.

See how ActionCOACH Tampa Bay Helped One Law Firm Achieve Success

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Find the guidance you need at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

When you work with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, you’ll have the knowledge of experts who have deep insight into the law practice and are ready to guide you toward owning a profitable business.

You’ll learn and understand all the fundamentals through our coaching sessions. You’ll also understand how to build teams and plan for growth in ways that are specific to your work as a legal professional. Tell us about your struggles and let us show you how we can provide you with the empowering business savvy you’ve been seeking.

We recently sat down with Samantha Chechele, Owner and Attorney of Chechele Law P.A. , to discuss her experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay.

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