It is almost impossible to please everyone 100 percent of the time. While many companies are going out of their way to advertise their services, it is not uncommon to come across negative feedback. Anytime someone comments negatively, do not panic. It is vital to note that it is not the negative feedback that matters, but rather how you deal with it. Here are strategies that will come in handy when dealing with negative feedback.

Act Fast

To gain trust back after a bad review, ensure that you address it immediately. A quick reply proves that the company has nothing to hide. However, one should give an accurate and thoughtful response considering that the audience may be aggressive already. At times, the best answer is something similar to this: “We are sorry for any inconvenience and promise to do better next time.”

Investigate the Complaint

Set aside time to investigate the complaint. It is possible that the claim is genuine. If genuine, make the necessary policy changes or undertake the appropriate disciplinary action. Bear in mind that a minor misunderstanding can cause significant problems if handled in the wrong way.

Apologize and Offer a Resolution

Upon investigation and appropriate action, reach out to the client who had launched the complaint. If their claim is valid, step up and take the blame. Apologize and let them know that you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent the issue from reoccurring. Make amends. For instance, if it is a client who complained about poor quality food offered at your restaurant, you can give them a complimentary meal for two. This way, you will have made up for the wrongdoing.

Thank the Person for the Feedback

Make sure the client understands that you appreciate that they brought their concerns to your attention. Let them know that you value feedback as a vital tool towards the success of the business. In a direct message, give them your contact details and assure them that they can call anytime something comes up.

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