What Makes a Trusted Leader (In Business and In Life)Do you want to be a trusted leader? In business? In your life? Of course. Being a trusted leader means you have integrity and respect. People decide if you can be one by observing you, judging your words and seeing if they match who you really are.

A trusted leader is honorable. Human nature dictates that people want to be guided by someone they respect. Leaders must be ethical and convey a strong vision of the future. He or she is selfless and puts the welfare of the business and its employees before his or her own. If you are a business owner, it doesn’t make you a leader, what makes you a leader is if your activities positively affect the objectives of the business and its well-being.

So what should you be emphasizing in your leadership? Beliefs and values, knowledge and implementation. Your beliefs and values should reflect the other two. Your actions should reflect your knowledge of the job, the tasks at hand and also about human nature. Human nature is important in your ability to successfully staff your business. How you implement your business plan, motivate your employees and provide them with direction for the combined success of the business and the success of your employees.

A good leader doesn’t keep plans to him or herself. A trusted leader will engender the respect of the staff when he or she is an effective communicator. That means helping employees understand the company’s overall business strategy, how the employees contribute to that strategy and how successful those strategies are.

There are some things a good leader should do in order to gain and keep respect and success. Know yourself and seek self-improvement. This is true in business and in life. To act better you have to be better. Be proficient in your business. You can’t expect other people to do what you can’t. Be responsible. If you make a mistake, own it. Make good decisions. Set the example. Be a good role model whether you are trying to be a trusted leader in business or in life. Be concerned with the wellbeing of those who work for you. Communicate with your employees. Be accountable. Delegate tasks, but be sure those who get them understand what needs to be done. Train your employees in their jobs and how to be a team. Be a leader, be an honorable trusted leader.

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