What Should You Outsource? A Follow-Up!In an earlier article we talked about scarcity of time and outsourcing labor to use your time as a business owner wisely. So what kinds of things should you outsource? Things like administrative tasks, repetitive tasks, accounting and even sales.

Time is an asset that must always be spent wisely because it’s something that once lost you can’t recover. You know your business, and you have the best idea of what tasks are productive and which ones are time wasters. Are the tasks you are choosing to do the best use of your time? Once you figure out that question, you can delegate the tasks that aren’t a good use of your time to others freeing you up to do the things that you do best.

Delegation can best be done through outsourcing. There are a lot of things that you do that are time wasters, but are necessary for the health of your business. What kinds of things? Well, administrative tasks. Sending out letters, reminders, filing, making phone calls, returning emails, yes, all the things an administrative assistant does. Outsource them to a virtual assistant.

There are more things you can outsource. How much time do you spend on the bookkeeping aspect of your business? Probably too much. Again, a necessary part of owning a business, but a time waster. So, outsource it. Have someone else do your bookkeeping. Have someone else take care of tax matters and filings. Be sure to stay on top of it, as in make sure it gets done. Know where you stand at all times, but let someone else do the numbers input.

Do you have other repetitive tasks? What they are will, obviously, depend on your business. If they are tasks that actually bring in money, then they aren’t wasting your time… unless your time could be spent on a task that makes you more than those repetitive tasks. So, outsource.

Even sales can be outsourced. Do you want to spend your time training sales staff to sell for you, or have staff already trained and ready to go? Outsource the training. Save your time for the important things and outsource the rest.

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