As a business owner, your reputation depends on a lot of things – one of these things being your employees. When you hired your team of employees, chances are you did so because they possessed the admirable qualities you looked for in a candidate. Maybe it was their extensive experience in the field coupled with their go-getter attitude. Or maybe, their passion for your company was extremely evident.

In any case, it can be beneficial to re-interview your employees from time to time – and no, we don’t mean reapply for their job! Re-interviewing your employees and taking some time to speak with them after they’ve worked for your for a while can be beneficial for everyone involved and here’s why.

Discover Why They Chose to Work for You

By re-interviewing your employees you can uncover a lot of information about them that may have been overlooked in their initial interview. For example, you may discover a lot of “whys.” By this we mean, why they chose to work for you, or why they care about what they do.

You might be surprised at what you uncover. Chances are, your employees show up to work everyday for more reasons than to put food on the table. Discovering their “why” can ultimately help you learn how to play up your employees’ strong points and help them reach their personal goals.

Learn What They Care About

Whether you realize it or not, all of your employees have a life outside of the office. When you take the time to re-interview your employees, you can learn what they like to do in their free time. Perhaps they make a difference by volunteering or helping family members. Hearing about their off-the-clock passions can help you learn more details about them outside of a professional context.

Learn Areas That Need Improvement

In some cases, you may be able to learn what areas need improvement. Maybe you re-interview your employees and find an overwhelming number of them desire continued education – or maybe your employees want more chances for growth within the company. Whatever the case, re-interviewing your employees can help you identify faults within your business and help you take the steps to improve them.

Stay on Track With ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

In the end, re-interviewing your employees helps you to understand them better. When you understand your employees better, you can help them stay happy and motivated them, all while helping them reach their personal goals, which will ultimately help your business succeed.

If you are looking for more ways to improve your business, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay can help. Our team of dedicated business coaches knows what it takes to sustain a successful business. We’ll equip you with the necessary tools to help you achieve your goals and provide you advice and motivation to keep you on track. Give us a call today to learn all of the way we can help your business succeed.