Who is Your Best Customer?You’re in business to make money, and I bet if you were asked you could name your best customer or client right off the top of your head. But did you really look at what makes them your best customer?

If someone asked you to make a list of your best customers, you could, but what would you use as your criteria? The one who buys the most or has the highest amount of billable hours, right? Well, maybe not. What if that “biggest client” is super demanding, wanting better treatment, pays late on their bills and monopolizes your staff. Oh, and they are never satisfied. Is that really what you would consider “best”?

What you should be asking yourself about all of your clients is this: are they adding to the growth and well being of your business? Then look at another thing: what percentage of your business is from this client? If it’s 35%, 40% or more, then you have a problem. This customer is running your business, not you. Certainly not what you started your business for, is it?

So what should you do? Do you continue to let this large customer dictate how your business operates, what markets it is in, what products it offers and then be slow pay and abuse your staff? You can’t. What if this client then decides to leave? Your business goes down the tubes because you put all your eggs in one basket. Your best bet is to start giving all your clients more attention. Allow your staff to spend time on your clients that give your business a better margin. Then you work to expand your customer base.

Simple, not easy, but important. So move it, or lose it, it’s that simple.

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