why-vital-have-small-business-planHaving a small business plan is vital to growing your business.

Think back to when you were in school. Remember turning in that “perfect” paper? You know there wasn’t a mistake to be found; you read it over and over again. Except then you get it back and there are marks for missed punctuation or misspellings? It’s that second set of eyes that helps find things that we miss that are important. In advanced business planning, a second set of eyes is even more important.

You need a plan that defines your business and identifies your goals. It sets your path and helps you stay focused on your end game. Keeping track of what you start with, what you gain, lose or need and how to get there are more important than many realize. If you’ve started and don’t have a plan, don’t panic. Just get on it. Write down your business goals. Record what you have in assets and liabilities. List out the things you will need to accomplish and gather to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What is even more important is after you get all this information together, have someone else review it. They may find errors in your process, or maybe your math. They may know a better way to get you to your goals. That second set of eyes will find the things that you overlooked.

Getting your business to the next level takes hard work and focus. Make those second eyes count by hiring a professional to take that look. It’s fine to get opinions from a spouse or your best friend, but what do they know about running a business and making it successful? Maybe a lot, probably not. If you have a business plan, hire a professional to look it over for you. They will be able to tell you if you are on track, if you’ve missed anything or if you are running that business off the rails. Advanced business planning comes in next, re-evaluate and re-adjust your plan using a professional to help you understand what to change and what to keep the same.

Two heads are better than one. You know what you want your business to be, and what it’s all about, the professional small business coach knows the ins and outs of finance, bookkeeping and goal attainment. Together you will be unstoppable!

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