When productivity affects the bottom line, many businesses seek to increase it by encouraging their employees to work longer hours. However, working more hours may not be the solution to increasing productivity. Here are a few benefits of working smarter, not longer.

Focused Employees

Employees aren’t machines. They require rest to perform optimally. By allowing employees to work in short bursts, they have ample time to recover and can perform at higher levels. Because they can focus on working efficiently, they can do more in a shorter time frame and produce more polished work. They can even discover solutions to the biggest problems your company might face.

Fewer Mistakes

Weary minds make mistakes, and these mistakes can cost your business. A well-rested employee makes fewer mistakes and can do more in less time. When an employee does make a mistake, they are more receptive to learning from it, which reduces the chances of the same mistake being made in the future. Fewer mistakes mean more viable work, which boosts productivity.

Heightened Receptiveness to Learning

Employees who work less are more receptive to learning new skills, taking on additional roles and trying new technology and software. When an existing employee acquires new proficiencies, they become a valuable asset to the business, which allows them to do more and to think in new ways that may increase productivity.

Efficient, Sustained Growth

Working shorter hours allows employees to brainstorm new ideas and techniques, which can turn into the innovations that propel your business forward. Allowing time to brainstorm and practice creative problem solving can help your business to grow efficiently. Fields like the automotive industry utilize employee-driven innovations to expand their productivity using their existing team members.

Work Smarter, Then Harder

Remember, the goal is to accomplish more in less time. By focusing on working efficiently, your employees will feel less like worker bees and more like valued team members whose contributions matter. The result can dramatically increase productivity and foster a positive, exciting work environment, which increases employees’ drive to produce the best work possible. .

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