Why Sacrificing Short Term Happiness Can Lead to Long Term Growth

As a business owner, you face numerous decisions each day that ultimately can have an impact on your business’s short-term and long-term success. Some decisions can play a role in your own level of personal happiness. While there are many factors to consider for each decision, there are many instances when sacrificing your short-term happiness can lead to long-term growth.

Putting in the Time

You can choose to devote your time and energy to your business now, or relax and follow a more leisurely path. When you put in the extra time and energy, you are making sacrifices. For example, you may attend a networking event or head to a sales meeting after hours rather than heading to the gym or spending time with your family. You may wonder if you will ever see a payoff for those sacrifices, but these are typically sacrifices that will result in benefits down the road.

Making Financial Sacrifices

You also may make financial sacrifices now that can improve your business. For example, you may modify your lifestyle and live well below your means so that you can pump your personal funds into your business. You might need the funds for product development, marketing and other upfront costs. Such financial sacrifices can impact your current level of happiness, but these often will result in long-term growth.

The Long-Term Benefits

In the business world, there are times when you will see an immediate payoff for your sacrifices, but some benefits may not be visible for months or years to come. When the reward for sacrifices is not immediately apparent, it can be difficult to make those sacrifices. However, when you think about things like investing in marketing, product development, team enhancement and more, these are all things that will promote long-term growth but that also may require sacrifice on your part.

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