Having a firm understanding of your core values is essential to your company’s success. Not only that, but honoring those core values is necessary as well. While you may experience some level of success when you do something out-of-character or sacrifice your values for the sake of attaining results, you have to question yourself. Is that truly success? Revenues may have increased, but are you successful based on your definition or someone else’s? The greatest success is when you live life on your terms and stay true to yourself. Here are three ways your core values are essential to your company’s success:

Greater Clarity

Once you know your core values, you will make all decisions based on those values. Therefore, narrowing down your options is much easier and quicker. You won’t consider any trendy business strategies that are not in alignment with your values. There are many other routes to take, so there’s no need to neglect your guiding ethics. Knowing your core values illuminates where you should invest your time, money and energy for achieving your goals.

Attract Better Partnerships, Customers and Employees

Another benefit of honoring your core values in business is that in doing so, you will ultimately attract better partnerships, customers and employees. Many business owners who don’t stay true to who they are struggle with unreasonable customers, employees whom they clash with and rocky partnerships. When you make decisions based on your values, it’s only natural that you attract people who share or respect those same principles. If you act a role that’s not truly in line with who you are, personal and working relationships will become strained.

Feel More Enthusiastic and Energized

Ignoring your core values can lead to a number of terrible side effects, from feeling feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, to ongoing frustration. You may even lose motivation to get up in the morning and oversee your day-to-day operations. That defeats the purpose of running your own business. To stay enthusiastic, energized and motivated, honor your values. You will not only feel better, but you will also see greater results from being at your best.

Allowing your values to guide you in every decision is essential for real, long-lasting success in business. Don’t let the pressures of “how business should be done” cause you to act out of character. It’s not necessary to sacrifice your values for the sake of success.

Unlike many other business experts, ActionCOACH takes your core values into consideration during every step of the coaching process. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business without ever sacrificing your ethics.

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Infographic by MidAmerica Nazarene University