We know how busy you get running your business. At times, there may be important projects and processes that you overlook. You might put them off until later in the year. We’ve found that one of these frequently overlooked and/or delayed areas is tax planning. However, this is where we can offer solid advice and services that will help you take action and do it the right way.

Why Tax Planning Matters

There’s a bit of received wisdom in the business world that goes like this: What gets measured gets managed. The idea is that you need information to make informed decisions, and informed decisions are often the difference between success and failure in business. 

We know this applies to tax planning. When you plan for taxes throughout the year, you are following a strategy that will help you keep more of your business income.

Here are a few reasons why tax planning matters so much:

  • You can’t manage your tax expenses if you don’t proactively measure the key components that determine what you pay.
  • You can’t manage your recruitment and fulfillment expenses if you aren’t proactively measuring and planning.
  • You can’t make other investment decisions like adding product lines, expanding locations, and buying your building unless you are proactively measuring and planning.

Tax planning is an opportunity to be strategic about your business and reap the benefits. Now let’s explore some of our advice for putting a strategy into action.

Tips for Tax Planning

Based on our extensive experience working with businesses, here are some of our suggestions for successful tax planning:

  • Plan your taxes on a quarterly basis.  By doing this, you ensure you aren’t left with a headache of material to pull together for your CPA later in the year.
  • Review your financials and key metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This will depend on how volatile and variable your metrics are in relation to your business activity.
  • Work with a professional who understands proper financial reviews. At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we have this knowledge and often work with small business owners to put them on a path to greater financial security.

Plan Your Year with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we’ll help you plan your finances throughout the year and understand the associated tax implications. Our business experts will:

  • Help you understand your data, putting it into a format that can be used to make smart decisions
  • Work with you to get real-time metrics that are also controllable instead of just relying on past outcome data
  • Advise you on best practices for saving time and money

If you haven’t been proactive about your tax planning in the past, you can decide now that this year will be different. Start this new year right by resolving to stay on top of your finances. With ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, you have a partner to guide you through this process.

Ready to get great advice and save on your taxes? Sign up with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay for our valuable business coaching services. You’ll get the insight you need to transform how your business operates and increase its value. Plus, your business coaching sessions with us are tax deductible. Make proper tax planning one of your main goals for the year, and trust ActionCOACH Tampa Bay to guide you. We are to help you reach new levels of success.