How to Create an Employee Scorecard for 2023 Goal Planning

You want to build a winning team. That’s what your peers do, and it’s one of the reasons they are successful. Employee scorecards can be a key part of this process.

What Are Employee Scorecards? 

Employee scorecards are an easy way to measure employee performance and give them feedback. They can be used to assess performance on relevant job duties.  Some of the typical job functions on a scorecard include:

  • Responsibilities
  • Skills
  • Quotas
  • Core values

Why Are Employee Scorecards Important?

The scorecard helps the employee know what’s expected of them, and use those expectations as motivation. It also lets the both of you know about areas where they may be struggling and need coaching in order to achieve actionable goals. 

Keep in mind that the employee scorecard is not a one-and-done exercise in judgment. It’s about making processes and performance better, and empowering your people to succeed. You need to be available to each employee to explain your ratings and how you think they can be improved

Use these scorecards to set business goals for the rest of the year or the quarter so that each employee understands the role they play in reaching those goals. Even though the scorecard addresses each person as an individual, you can use them to emphasize the importance of teamwork and abiding by your company’s core values.

How Do You Create a Scorecard?

To create a scorecard, think about what you’re trying to achieve with the card for that employee or set of employees. For example, your goals and criteria for a recent hire would be different than what they would be for senior staff.

Think about what you want to measure as being important to the job of each person. Such factors may include quotas, communication skills, or technological savvy. Include a rating scale. Numerical scales are probably the easiest to deal with and understand as long as you clearly define what each number means.

When you have the outline of the scorecard settled, you can create it in a physical format or as an online form that can be shared electronically.

How You Can Create an Action Plan After the Scorecard

After you’ve completed each scorecard, the next steps include:

  • Sharing and discussing the results with each employee
  • Creating an action plan for each of them

It’s important to maintain confidentiality with each employee during this review. Although this process is for the good of the company as a whole, it’s not strictly a group exercise. Your ratings are between you and each person as an individual.

ActionCOACH Tampa Bay Makes This Process Easy

At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we want you to manage your employees for long-term success. We will help you set the right intentions with your employees for a successful and prosperous 2023.

What questions do you have about employee scorecards? Book a complimentary strategy session today or call us at 727-786-2900, and let’s look at creating a performance review process that works for you and your team. The new year is here – let’s start it with some positive momentum.  



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