Did you know that OWNER is the point on the “Entrepreneurial Ladder” where you are making money based on your investments vs. earning money based on the hours you work?

The ladder is a good check-in point to ask yourself:
Am I investing my time and getting a return like an owner… or is owner the title I hold but I’m really at a lower rung on the ladder?

You make money through deals, investments, and the businesses you own that work without you. The ladder becomes an entrepreneurial roadmap to where you create serious wealth in your life by making money from other people’s money and ideas.

So the million-dollar question is… which rung are YOU on now on the “Entrepreneur Ladder”?

Let’s take a look.

Starting at the Beginning

Brad Sugars concept of the Entrepreneurial Ladder allows you to step back and gain a broader perspective of where you are on your journey to create wealth that multiplies itself while you are sleeping. As you know, we all start as students in the beginning and some of you have the student loans to prove it. All of us can also identify with moving to the next rung as becoming an employee and continuing our learning on our employers’ dime. What you might not realize is that the majority of the population stops at that level and never even gets on the ladder or knows there is an entrepreneurial ladder to climb.

Taking the Leap

When you really examine the mindset of student and employee, you will realize that both of those points view success and earning ability in direct correlation with how much time they put in. The challenge with that mindset is that you are always capped on your earning potential by the limit of 24 hours we are given each day.

-1. Student – You weren’t making money, you were costing money.

0. Employee – You are in an apprenticeship to your own business, having multiple different jobs to learn as much as you can (or did you only learn one like sales or finance?).

1. Self-Employed – You buy or start your own business however there’s still lots to learn and it feels like you’re on a seesaw going back and forth between marketing and sales and delivering your services/products.

2. Manager – You succeed to a new level of growth and start to employ a team. Now everyone comes to you for answers and it feels like you’re on a merry-go-round chasing your tail all day.

The next three rungs are where you transition from earning money based on the number of hours you work to being able to make unlimited wealth from your investments.

Scaling the Ladder and Scaling Your Wealth

Imagine your business being the first of many investments that produce a return for you and for your future wealth. What could you do with your time if you weren’t demanded in your business every day? The last three rungs start to create a vision for how valuable your time can be when it can be put towards developing new investment streams and new forms of return that compound over time.

3. Owner – To be the owner, you truly have a profitable, saleable business that works without you so the business is working for you, rather than the other way around.

4. Investor – You move on to utilizing your time and profit from the first business to learn and finding new opportunities to invest in businesses, real estate, stock or other opportunities.

5. Entrepreneur – You are creating investments and creating capital for others to invest in allowing you to create momentum on the multiplier effect of growing your returns.

Remember, success does not happen by chance, you have to plan for it step by step and start taking action today.

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Article Written By:

Tony Tona | Business Coach at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay