Best Apps to Boost Your Business Productivity

We all know staying organized and maximizing productivity is crucial for business success. Without systems and processes in place, your day can quickly get out of hand. Then that day turns into a week, the week turns into a month, and so on. You find yourself at the mercy of an endless to-do list, continuously putting out fires and feeling like you’re constantly treading water and getting nowhere.

Let’s break that cycle! It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Thanks to the awesome tech we have today, there are tons of solutions that can make your life easier. Imagine this: no more drowning in those tedious tasks that eat up your time. With the right tools and apps, you can streamline your efforts and spend less time on the nitty-gritty. Whether it’s handling projects or keeping tabs on your customers, there’s a tech sidekick for almost everything.

The best business apps not only save you time but also help you make savvy decisions without getting lost in the day-to-day. As a business coach, ActionCOACH Tampa Bay doesn’t want you to stress over the small stuff, we want to give your business the attention it truly deserves. We’re here to make your journey more smooth and successful!

This blog post shares our favorite apps that can elevate your business productivity, categorized for easy reference:

  • Assistive Apps
  • Communication and Collaboration Apps
  • Project Management Apps
  • Automation Apps
  • Security and Time Management Apps

Best Business Assistive Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personal assistant? Until you’re in a position where that’s possible, consider these tools your next best thing. These business tools act as your virtual support team, serving as your personal copywriter, graphic designer, and more – making your workload lighter and giving you a taste of that dream assistant experience.

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI for business growth is not entirely new. Businesses have been using tools with built in AI functions for years. AI has become more robust recently thanks to tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard. Now we’re able to write, strategize and ideate in a matter of seconds.
  • DocuSign: Streamline your digital transaction process with a secure and efficient platform like DocuSign. Collaborate seamlessly, sign documents electronically, and systematize processes for better organization and efficiency.
  • Canva: Not all of us are designers, but unfortunately our business brand is heavily influenced by visual audience perception. Fortunately there are tools like Canva where we have access to pre-built designed templates. Canva also utilizes AI, making creating custom visuals even easier.
  • CRM: Never let an opportunity slip through the crack again. A Customer Relationship Management platform is a must-have to keep track of all your leads, customers, etc. Thanks to tools like HubSpot, you can manage your pipeline, log sales activity & store contact data all in one place for easy tracking.

Best Business Apps for Communication and Collaboration:

Talking and working together are the keys to success in anything you do. When ideas flow clearly, and everyone works well with each other, it sparks innovation, strengthens relationships, and moves everyone towards shared goals. In both work and life, good communication and collaboration are the building blocks for lasting growth and success.

  • Slack: A messaging and collaboration platform that fosters seamless communication within teams.
  • Microsoft 365: A comprehensive suite featuring Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, with powerful collaboration features.
  • Zoom: The go-to video conferencing tool for virtual meetings, webinars, and effective collaboration.
  • Google Workspace: A cloud-based suite including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs, promoting efficient collaboration.
  • Calendly: Easily schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
  • Dropbox: Cloud storage and file-sharing platform facilitating collaboration on documents and projects.
  • Evernote: Capture and organize ideas, tasks, and information across devices for enhanced organization.
  • Notion: A versatile workspace that combines note-taking, project management, and collaboration.

Best Business Apps for Project Management:

Project management is like the GPS for your goals – it keeps you on track and helps you reach your destination efficiently. Whether you’re tackling a business venture or personal project, effective project management ensures tasks are organized, deadlines are met, and resources are used wisely, turning ambitious ideas into successful outcomes. It’s the roadmap that turns dreams into reality.

  • Trello: A visually intuitive project management tool using boards, lists, and cards for task organization.
  • Asana: Empowers teams with coordination and task management, facilitating seamless project execution.
  • A work operating system that empowers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence.
  • Airtable: A flexible database and spreadsheet tool customizable for various business needs.
  • Todoist: Task management app with project organization, due dates, and priority levels for effective planning.

Best Automation Apps 

Automation is the secret sauce that lets businesses work smarter, not harder. By automating repetitive tasks and processes, it frees up time and resources, allowing teams to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work. Embracing automation is like having a tireless teammate that handles the routine, leaving you to tackle the extraordinary.

  • Zapier: When you’re in the business growth phase, you may find yourself with a suite of different tools you’ve picked up along the way. These tools may or may not work together. An app like Zapier will help you connect these different tools so you can create automations.
  • IFTTT: Stands for “if this, then that.” It’s a website and mobile app you use to create custom automations between online services and devices.
  • Marketing Automation: There is a whole suite of marketing automation tools for just about every facet of marketing. Tools like Hootsuite are great for social scheduling and monitoring, while Mailchimp is great for email marketing. Need a more robust marketing automation platform? Look for an all-in-one solution like HubSpot that has marketing, sales and a CRM together on one platform.

Best Business Apps for Security and Time Management:

Prioritizing security safeguards your assets and ensures a solid foundation for growth, while effective time management empowers you to allocate resources wisely, enhancing productivity and paving the way for sustained success. Together, they form a dynamic duo, fostering a secure and efficient environment for your endeavors to flourish.

  • LastPass: Password management tool that enhances security and streamlines access to various accounts.
  • RescueTime: Monitors and analyzes digital activities to help manage time more efficiently.
  • Sanebox: Sanebox sorts email for you, taking anything that’s probably not important, based on your email history and other factors, and puts it into a folder that isn’t your inbox. 

Embracing a suite of powerful productivity tools is not just about adopting the latest technology—it’s a strategic move that can fundamentally transform the way your business operates. As you integrate these cutting-edge tools, you’re not merely incorporating applications; you’re ushering in a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

Looking for a more customized approach to creating systems and processes for a business that runs smoothly without you? Contact ActionCOACH Tampa Bay for more information.



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