Your Business Needs You to Lead Change
and Innovate Immediately!

• Focus on what you can do…not what you can’t do!
• 2020 is now Different than we thought: Economy, Plans, and the World – you need a Plan B!
• Plan for the Panic and its implications for business to jump into action
• Pay Attention, don’t caught off guard or show up late to the planning
• GET YOUR 90 DAY COMEBACK PLAN NOW! Getting a plan starts with learning…

Building a Resilient Comeback

FREE Master Class for Business Owners on ZOOM
Now more important than ever, learn how to build a recession proof business. “The 6 Steps to Building a Profitable Business that Works Without the Owner”…a proven and progressive, step-by-step approach that identifies strategies for established businesses to leverage to the next level of growth and create consistent cash flow.

THURSDAY, May 14th at 11:30-1:00PM


THURSDAY, MAY 21st at 9:30-11:00AM


Time to Get Your Plan B

Our firm has committed 5 hours per week of pro-bono strategy sessions to help business owners build their Plan B – free of charge, no strings attached. There are many challenges and also many opportunities that have been presented by this crisis. The fact remains that small business owners will be the key to our economy coming back strong. We are here to help business owners do just that by getting them prepared now!

What would be the harm in reserving your 30 minute strategy session?