The hiring process is a major investment of time and money. You put so much into it because you know it can shape the long-term success or failure for your business. Make the wrong choice, and it feels like you haven’t just failed to move forward — you’ve taken a giant step backward. Then you have to repeat the process as you try to find the right person or persons who will help your company grow. 

When you’re looking to bring in new team members, keep in mind that hiring subpar talent will hold you back while also wasting your resources. It’s the cream of the crop that you’re after, so let’s look at some of the best practices and recruitment strategies for luring top talent.

Attracting the talent you need

Establish a positive culture, and you’ll have a much better chance of landing the next gold star member of your team. Here are a few of the things you can advertise about your business to encourage the right applicants:

  • Work/life balance. It’s a term used so often it’s become cliché. But if you expect your hires to work for you seven days a week or late into the evening, you’re only going to burn them out quickly. Build and advertise a culture that respects that we all have lives outside the workplace and need a variety of experiences to feel fulfilled. If people know they will be given the freedom to deal with personal and family priorities during traditional work hours, they will be all the more dedicated to doing A+ work. They’ll care more knowing that your success is their success.
  • Hybrid workplace. With the rise of the hybrid workplace, we recognize that work productivity isn’t limited to the traditional office. Allowing remote work, at least one or two days a week, can help you find the right fit. And when you go remote full-time, you’ll cast a much wider net to snag the talent that lives in another part of the country. 
  • Don’t wait for an open position. Adopt a culture of “always be recruiting” and create a system that can run like a well-oiled machine bringing in outstanding candidates at the moment they are looking to make a change. You’ll be taking a proactive approach to growing your business and beating your competition to those who can help you level up. 

Trust ActionCOACH to build your team

Most businesses check candidate resumes and interview those that look promising. Do this and you’ll end up on one of two paths: 

  • Hiring quickly out of desperation and need. Not a recipe for success.
  • Taking the time to hire someone. But even this will only net you a 14% chance of getting the right person.

Any company can hire someone to fill a position. At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we’ll help you recruit the talented people who are eager to grow your business. Advantages of working with ActionCOACH in your recruitment process:

  • When you use our system, you have up to a 75% chance of a match. 
  • Our system cuts the time in half that it will take you to hire new talent. And it allows businesses like yours to hire deliberately in order to set clear expectations. Plus, you can quickly release employees that are not working out. 
  • You hire based on the things that most are fired for — attitude, skills and fit — not on interviewing, resume and desperation to fill a position.

ActionCOACH Tampa Bay professionals are here to help you reorganize your team and create a winning process for recruiting top talent. Let us know where you need to shore up your talent so that your business can continue to grow.