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7 Strategies To Build An Amazing Team

How important is it to have your team functioning at their highest potential? Any experienced business owner knows the answer to that one – ESSENTIAL! Employee salaries is one of the largest expenses of a business and has one of the highest potential for return… if you know how to harness your investment!  Coach Barb Kyes delivers the TOP 7 STRATEGIES TO BUILD AN AMAZING TEAM in SEVEN MINUTES: Is Your Payroll Your Biggest ROI or Your Biggest Expense? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I the hardest working employee in my company?”  Learn 7 Strategies for taking your… Continue Reading

Case Study: Bright Results – FOODNOW

Capitalizing Success:   FOODNOW Recently, we sat down with Tanner Loebel of FOODNOW to get some real life perspective on working with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay! Business and Life Before Coaching… Tanner started with ActionCOACH a year and a half ago when his business had reached a point of success that he couldn’t expand on on his own. He had success-tracking systems in place but had spent three and a half years primarily running FOODNOW solo. “I was kind of doing everything, dispatching, delivery, signing up businesses, account management, the books – basically everything you could do. I didn’t take a day… Continue Reading

Are Your Marketing Dollars Making a Difference-

Are Your Marketing Dollars Making a Difference?

Have you ever asked yourself, “is my marketing spend actually giving me a return on my investment?” If so, our newest video is just for you. Learn how to measure your marketing efforts and get insider tips on how to make your business more profitable. Juliet Kyes is one of our expert business coaches here at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Helping business owners build their businesses to be more profitable and get out of the day-to-day hours of running the business, Juliet also works to help these entrepreneurs to figure out their marketing strategy as well. Remember, extra effort equals a… Continue Reading

ActionCOACH Business Coaching Tampa Bay Case Study- Bright Results - Bob Riddick Home Services

Case Study: Bright Results – Bob Riddick Home Services

Remodeling a 40 Year Old Business: Bob Riddick Home Services, Inc. We sat down with Bob Riddick recently to get some real perspective on his experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay! Life before business coaching… Bob started with ActionCOACH in February of 2015 per the recommendation of his marketing firm. Prior to getting involved in business coaching, there was no formal business plan, financial plan, or clearly defined succession plan for the business to afford Bob the opportunity for retirement. Bob recounts, “Our financial outlook consisted of living life out of the checkbook, we always knew where the business stood by how the checkbook… Continue Reading

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Having worked with myriad entrepreneurs over the years, some mistakes they make come up over and over again. With that in mind, we thought we should show you these common mistakes, and why they are not the best route to take. Here are the top five mistakes entrepreneurs make. *Business is hard, and even the most experienced entrepreneurs make these common mistakes! Entrepreneur Mistake #1: sticking with one idea. The old saying, “stick with what works” can mean stagnation instead of growth. Your best idea got you there, but you need to keep exploring new ideas. The best sports team doesn’t… Continue Reading

5 Books All Endeavoring Entrepreneurs Need to Read

5 Books All Endeavoring Entrepreneurs Need to Read

In honor of National Read Across America Day—a.k.a. Dr. Seuss Day—let’s take a look at some sage words from entrepreneurial trail blazers. For aspiring entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay, what better way to grow than by reaping the wisdom of those who have the know-how and street smarts to make it to success. Here are five of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay’s favorite reads for fostering the heart of a smart and inspired business… #1 The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte Want to define success on your own terms? Pick up a copy of Danielle LaPorte’s in-the-trenches book infused with integrity and… Continue Reading

The Secret to Falling in Love With Your Job All Over Again

The Secret to Falling in Love With Your Job All Over Again

The average person spends the greatest amount of their time each day at work. That’s a shocking reality, especially if you’re not in love with your job. While you probably won’t be able to change the number of hours you put in at your job any time soon, you can learn to fall in love with what you do all over again. Follow these seven tips to “reignite the romance” you once had with your job. #1 Give yourself a break from time-to-time. Take some time off to reevaluate your priorities. You’ll come back reinvigorated and have a clear head to… Continue Reading

How Super Bowl Ads Can Help Your Small Business

3 Ways Super Bowl Ads Can Help Your Small Business

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching again. For some of us, that means a day of watching commercials rather than football. For a small business owner, this also means a valuable opportunity to learn about branding and marketing. The companies that advertise during the Super Bowl employ some of the most expert and highly paid marketing teams. It makes sense for the rest of us to pay attention to what they’re doing. Here are three things to pay attention to and benefit from some unparalleled free market research. #1 See How Brands Represent Themselves Successful companies know how important it… Continue Reading

10 Creative (and Cheap!) Ways to Grow Your Company

Creative (and Cheap!) Ways to Grow Your Company

Growing your company doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. While you’re working hard to kickstart your dream and establish a business plan, here are some excellent ways to boost your bottom line without spending too much. Create eye-catching business cards. Stand out from the crowd and do something different with your business cards. Vistaprint has tons of wallet-friendly options to help you showcase your startup. Make an engaging online presence. Engage everyone who visits your website by creating an effective landing page. These days, many customers and clients happen upon your business through search engines and online platforms so… Continue Reading

10 Tips to Propel Your Productivity

10 Tips to Propel Your Productivity

Hours spent at work can be draining, and that drain can often negatively affect your daily productivity. If you want to boost your performance and feel energetic while you do it, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 simple tips to help productivity come easily at work. #1 Stay well rested. Sleep deprivation leads to decreased productivity and satisfaction, lack of focus, lower innovation, higher stress levels and a greater chance of developing unethical attitudes or behaviors. To put it simply, better sleep habits boost productivity. Promoting healthy sleep habits among employees will not only lead to a happier and more efficient workplace, but… Continue Reading

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