Success Stories

Virginia Hargreaves: A Focus on Personal Development

We recently interviewed Virginia Hargreaves, senior accountant at a CPA firm, to discuss her experience working with Ford Kyes at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Virginia, while fairly new to coaching, cannot stop saying great things about her experience with the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team! She was excited to share that “Coaching with Ford has been the best thing I could have ever done in my career!” Why were you looking for a professional coach? Virginia works for a CPA firm who focuses on family accounting, mostly high net worth individuals and all their financial needs. She was introduced to Ford Kyes… Continue Reading

Tony Utegaard: Fine Tuning the Engine of Success!

We recently sat down with Tony Utegaard, owner of Ps133, Inc. (a local business management firm), to discuss his experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Business and Life Before Coaching…. Tony started with ActionCOACH two and a half years ago when he realized he was at a point with his five companies that he could not go much further by himself.  Having met Ford Kyes nearly 10 years prior at BNI, Tony was aware Ford was experienced in orchestrating large companies and could provide a strong foundation to launch the companies into a direction, not even Tony himself could imagine.  “After knowing… Continue Reading

Orange Blossom Catering: Navigating the Sale of a Successful Business

  We recently interviewed former owner of Orange Blossom Catering , Ed Shamas on video to let him share his experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay in coaching for multiple years as the owner and with the recent assistance with the sale of his business… Life Before and After Business Coaching Ed’s coach Ford Kyes and the firm’s Managing Partner, Barb Kyes, both worked with Ed’s wife Betty for many years in their volunteer work with non-profit boards while Ford was still at St. Anthony’s Hopital in the early 2000’s.  Shortly after Ford and Barb founded the ActionCOACH firm in 2007,… Continue Reading

Case Study: Justin Lee

We recently sat down with Justin Lee, owner of All Phase General Contractors to discuss his experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay.  Life Before Business Coaching Justin was recommended to coaching about a year ago by a mutual colleague that knew Juliet Kyes. The mere thought of coaching was out of Justin’s comfort zone, but he decided to take the initial meeting because he knew how hectic it was becoming to run his growing business and it needed to be addressed. While the business was growing and the team expanding, being a father with active children and a business owner was a definite… Continue Reading

Case Study: Jeremy Jenkins—His & Hers Limo

We recently sat down with Jeremy Jenkins, owner of His & Hers Limo/Tampa Airport Limo to discuss his experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Life Before Business Coaching Prior to coaching Jeremy was looking to take his business to the next level. “I had purchased an established business a number of years ago, which had been in business since 1979, and I needed fresh ideas. I felt like something was lacking with the ‘cool factor’ of owning a business,” says Jenkins.  A year and a half ago, Jeremy met Juliet through the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce and decided to give… Continue Reading

Case Study: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

We recently sat down with Alex Cramer, CFO, and Dewey Mitchell, Owner/Broker, of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group (BHHS) to discuss their experience with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay.   Life Before Business Coaching BHHS’ coaching journey began in 2012 starting with one-on-one coaching with their Executive and Senior Management Teams of their various divisions.  A lot of good things were happening in the organization says Alex, they just needed to tighten some things up.  “Our needs for coaching were related to coordination and communication with the various business groups. We needed to gain a better focus on setting strategic plans and… Continue Reading

Case Study: Morales and Associates “Making Running a Business Less Taxing”

We recently sat down with Nichole Morales to discuss her dramatic transition from buying herself a job to investing in a successful business! Life Before Business Coaching… Prior to coaching Nichole Morales describes life as hectic, almost as frustrating as a dog chasing it’s tail. Being passionate about customer service had become almost a curse for Nichole as she felt the need to do things herself to provide quality customer service for her clients, leaving her ability to delegate difficult at best. Like many small business owners, working 50-60 hour weeks consistently had taken it’s toll. Morales & Associates and had capped out… Continue Reading

Case Study: Bright Results – Pheonix3 Marketing “Creating Systems for Stability”

Life Before Business Coaching… Brad’s journey into coaching was a bit unique.  Phoenix3 Marketing had been in business for a few years and was experiencing growth in both revenue and clients, which was essentially their only measure for success. As they expanded staff and moved into a new office the one thing that became clear is that this growth seemed to come at the cost of more hours and stress for Brad while he was not personally making any more money. He fell into the trap of telling himself that these were the dues you had to pay in the… Continue Reading

Case Study: Business Success In Any Season of Life

Life Before Business Coaching… The first time you meet Charles “Skip” Dayhoff, his first words will probably be “I sue people for a living”, while a memorable introduction, what immediately stands out is his dedication and credibility in the legal profession for close to four decades. While Mr. Dayhoff has a great deal of legal experience and knowledge in multiple types of law, one thing he’ll candidly admit is when walking into ActionCOACH, he had very little business experience. Starting out as an economics major in college he then moved into law going out on his own over 30 years ago. Skip… Continue Reading

Case Study: Bright Results – Dr. Stacey Robinson

Business Coaching is Like Health Prevention for Businesses – Robinson MD We just sat down with Dr. Stacey Robinson of Robinson MD to get some feedback on her long term coaching with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay! Life Before Business Coaching… Dr. Stacey Robinson started her practice in 2009 and quickly realized that she didn’t know how to run a business. “You know, in medical school, they don’t teach you how to run a business – I got my check book and my office and my computer and now I am going to practice medicine! It was very overwhelming,” she notes. Dr. Stacey… Continue Reading

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