At ActionCOACH, we know that planning your day and actually sticking to that plan are two different things.  You have meetings scheduled, a lunch appointment, and a client meeting.  What we can’t schedule for are problems that may need to be addressed immediately, staff not showing up or performing at expected levels, or an email rolls through your inbox that needs your attention.

As your business management consultantActionCOACH has some email recommendations that will help keep your schedule running on track.

  • Schedule and stick to a set timeframe set to read emails.  This will help keep you on task for the day and not allow you to get sidetracked
  • If an email needs attention, tag it for a later time and make sure you address it at that time.  As an executive coach, this helps us keep focus.  We don’t have to keep checking our emails to see if we missed something.
  • Set your email to check for new mail only a few times a day instead of when a new message arrives.  This will cut down on you feeling the need to check every email that comes in.  Curiosity killed the cat and it can kill your productivity as well.
  • Keep your responses short.  As an executive business coach, my time is valuable and yours should be too.  The longer you spend writing an email, the shorter time you have for something more important.  Keeping your emails short will also benefit the recipient too.
  • And one last item, it’s okay not to respond to everyone.  If your initial response was to ignore it, then you will probably ignore it when you go back.  You have my permission to hit delete, speaking as your business coach.

Hopefully, you are already using some of these tips.  If not, start today.  You will have better productivity throughout the day and you won’t have to worry about not having enough time for the more important things that come across your desk.

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