How Executive Coaching Programs Differ from Small Business Coaching ProgramsExecutive coaching programs and small business coaching programs are similar, yet different. Coaching any business no matter the level has similarities, but executives need different attention than a small business does and visa versa. Finances and managing people are different.

Executive coach is almost a misnomer. Executive coaches work with management and executives. An executive coach focuses on the issues that come with managing people. New managers often don’t know how or have the skill to manage people. In many cases they were promoted to manager because they were really good at their former job, not because they are good at leading people. Managers have to learn to evaluate employee performance, sometimes conduct tough conversations, dealing with conflict and motivating teams and so forth.

Small business coaches focus on more than just management. They focus on all aspects of business from managing people to prospecting to finances to goal setting. Often a small business owner wears all the hats, and will need help in areas outside their comfort zone. A small business coach can zero in on these areas and help out with them.

International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” However, at any level coaching is about helping people with challenges and what they struggle with, by challenging them. It’s not a makeover; instead it’s a support system, an information source and cheerleader, depending on the client’s need. Once the true goals have been uncovered, a solution is easily found.

Much like a sports coach, a business coach strategizes with clients to find that personal solution. They get to know them to find their strengths and weaknesses. A great coach will use their strengths to bolster their weaknesses. So if you are an executive or manager in a corporation, or a small business owner, find a good coach who can help you discover how far you really can go in business.

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