Signs your employee as getting ready to leave would be helpful to know so that you can handle whatever situation arises, including replacing him or helping to bring him back to a good relationship with your business.

It’s bugging you, that employee who used to be so on top of things is suddenly not. You’re not sure why. Is it a personal problem or something else? Are these differences in your employee, signs that they are getting ready to leave? Possibly, so here are some things you should be looking for.

Their talk of long term plans stops. Your employee who used to share future plans of their time with you stops. Why? They don’t see a future with you and are looking for it elsewhere.

Their level of good customer services diminishes, their level of effort dwindles, and they act as if they don’t care or start complaining a lot to you or to others. Another sign along these lines is when your employee is constantly complaining or bragging about how much work he or she gets done, but their productivity doesn’t match it. A common sign for an employee about to resign is to try and shift your focus from work product to work ethic. Why? He or she wants you to see how overworked or underutilized they are to either get better compensation and/or benefits or make it an excuse to leave.

Did this employee socialize with co-workers a lot? Now they don’t. It’s a sign that keeping those working relationships isn’t as important since they won’t be working with them in the future.

Taking unexplained or sudden days off or half days off is a big red flag, especially if it’s someone who rarely takes a day. Unexplained half days are especially troublesome as they are probably going to interviews. Also, taking more personal calls, cell phone calls in the hallways or unused offices, or in the workplace and using empty offices or conference rooms to take calls is another indicator. Conversations about setting up interviews or taking a new job offer will certainly not want to be overheard.

Your employee begins dressing up when not required. If your employee suddenly starts showing up in a suit and tie or shirt and tie, and your business attire is business casual, there could be good reason to think they are coming from or heading to an interview.

If you see all or some of these signs your employee as getting ready to leave, you may be losing an employee. If they are worth saving, start asking questions, making offers or you will be looking for their replacement.

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