Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Business Coaching Work?

At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we have a formula for success: (Knowledge x Planning) + Action = Results!

Business coaching begins with open dialog. We help owners discover the key areas of their business that they do not realize are affecting them. Business coaching is about being able to prioritize insights or strategies for opportunities in those key areas and form an action plan all the way down to weekly tasks. Once an action plan has been established, the leader can then begin to address the issues affecting their business. Once these issues have been addressed, it’s time to work on more upgrades in order to make the business work smarter and more smoothly rather than harder and more chaotic.

The last step is all about implementing and sustainability. This can often be the most difficult step. While you know it’s time to apply what you’ve learned, the chaos of life and work may prevent you from doing so. This is why ongoing coaching is so valuable. A coach keeps the topic of working smarter, not harder, in the front of your mind. Coaching helps business owners prioritize and take small but focused actions consistently and over time, so that all the small steps compound to massive results.

Why Would I Need a Business Coach?

Every great athlete, business legend, or performer surrounds themselves with an entourage of experts, coaches and trusted advisors. They are at the top of their fields because they have trusted and relied on others, not to control them, but to offer guidance and assistance. They need reliable people who know what works and have a vested interest in them achieving results to focus on their needs and careers.

Likewise, every business needs a business coach. At ActionCOACH, we help you focus on your business and help keep you accountable. Your business coach will give you an unbiased view of your business, help you create a plan of action and give you the tools to implement that plan.

What Makes ActionCOACH Tampa Bay Unique?

ActionCOACH has been the highest award winning franchise of its kind including three International Stevie Award wins for Best Overall Company in 2007 and 2011 and People’s Choice in 2011. With over 20 years of business experience, very few companies have as much knowledge and skills in business ownership as ActionCOACH does. We give all types of business owners access to hands-on advice and support now and long into the future through effective coaching programs. Since 2007, the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team has proven their ability to work with business owners and executives like you to deliver a great return on your investment. The team in Tampa Bay has been recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for their business and coaching expertise.

Similar to how a business attorney covers many aspects of the law, an accountant covers many aspects of your financial record-keeping and tax requirements, or an investment advisor understands many facets of investments and stocks, an ActionCOACH business coach is well-versed in many areas related to business ownership such as marketing, sales, recruitment, systems, management, financial projections, measurement, buying and selling, exiting, and production just to name a few. When you work with an ActionCOACH business coach, you are getting a comprehensive business advisor that is knowledgeable across the board and therefore can help you make all your efforts multiple by coming together in a way. Your business coach will even help you review the work of your other business services providers so you can confidently ask quality questions and benefit from a higher level of service and results because you asked questions proactively.

How Can I Be Sure an ActionCOACH is Right for Me?

We offer you the opportunity to test drive our services before you commit to a business coach. The best way to find out if this is a right fit for you is to give it a chance. Watch our videos to see the material and hear from real clients. Call and schedule a face-to-face meeting with one of our coaches to talk more specifically about how coaching works and what the coaching process would look like for your specific business. This complimentary meeting is at no cost to you and this is the easiest way for you to decide – and for us to decide – if we are a good fit.

Why a 12 Month Program?

Success will be achieved through small actions consistently done over a series of weeks and months. The beginning months are spent creating your initial plan and working to make adjustments to get you past the “set up” and orientation phase. As the program progresses, you will notice less effort is needed and all the small steps you had been taking at the beginning start to make sense and “come together.” Soon you’ll be shocked by how much you are able to accomplish and will be able to attribute your new skills to your coaching and the tremendous systems and tools from ActionCOACH. You will be growing the business with much more ease at the same work level or even less. We both make a one year minimum commitment in order to achieve your goals; however, most clients are so happy with their progress that they remain in the coaching relationship for many years. The fact is when you are getting results and the business is helping achieve your goals then there is a strong reason to continue. If your circumstances change before the end of the 1st year, we will always be willing to work with you to adjust the program as needed.

What is the Alignment Consultation?

This is a key component and critical step to getting yourself, your coach, and possibly your team or key partners or spouse to learn and map out as much as possible about your business and personal goals, your key challenges or obstacles, your sales and marketing, your financials and reviewing key reports, your team and recruitment and much more.

You will invest anywhere from two hours to a full day with three key goals in mind:

  • First and foremost, to get a clear picture of where your business is currently.
  • Secondly, to be very clear about your personal and business goals, making sure they are supporting each other.
  • And finally, to begin the outline and creation of a customized business plan for you and your business for the next 12 months.

This is not a business plan you think of traditionally to get a business loan. This is an actionable, step-by-step plan that you will be working alongside your coach to implement in your ongoing coaching program.

Do I Have the Time for a Business Coach?

The first few months will be a ramp up and feel like the toughest… not tough because of longer hours or extra work, but because you will be doing things that are new and you have to think critically to achieve them. That is why you will have an ongoing coach – to keep you on track, to show you how to achieve them with more ease, and to give you examples so you are tackling new important tasks with much less effort than you would have if you did it alone. Focusing on real priorities and working “on” the business, step by step will give you more discretionary time that you couldn’t find before coaching.

Within a few months, these new tasks and skills will become easier and you will see greater results as all the pieces begin to take shape and work together. The focus will always be on getting the business to work without you – and that means changing the way you invest your time so that eventually you are working less in the jobs of the business and more on the growth, sustainability and what to do with the freedom the business will begin to give you.

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

Your investment will depend on the size of your business and the goals that we will be working on together. When you speak with your coach, you will work out what is appropriate for your specific business based on your goals, obstacles and what you are committed to do in the future. There are programs that are extremely affordable for start-ups, beginners in businesses under or right around one year, or businesses with less than 1 million in revenue. For just a few hundred bucks a month, you will have access to training, quarterly planning, and group or one-on-one coaching programs. You’ll also learn about programs that are all inclusive one-on-one programs that are ideal for medium-sized business owners. This program is analogous to having a marketing manager, sales team leader, recruitment specialist, financial analyst, trainer and a corporate planning & leadership consultant, all for one minimal investment similar to that of an entry-level administrative assistant.

Everything you do with us, and your ActionCOACH business coach, is a true investment in your future and the future of your business. Not only will you begin to create great results in your business, but you’ll end up with both an entrepreneurial education second to none, and the knowledge that you can use to repeat your business success over and over again in other entrepreneurial ventures.

Are There Any Guarantees?

If you do the work and show up to every coaching session – you will get way more back then you will ever invest. If you don’t implement the strategies and fail to show up to your program, we can guarantee the results will not happen.

How Does Business Coaching Help my Whole Team?

Many have heard the saying: “The fish stinks from the head down”, but few realize that it can also work in the opposite, positive way. When the “head,” the leader, stops the stink and starts passing on focus, accountability, step-by-step direction, more communication, and engagement down to their team, everyone starts achieving more. This is when the team begins helping the owner grow the business, freeing up the “head” – that would be you, to explore ideas & opportunities they never had time to explore before.

What Other Business Resources Can You Recommend?

We have a diverse network of professionals that we have personally vetted and trust in the fields of accounting, marketing, website development, payroll, human resources, investments, insurance, training, legal and technology. We regularly refer our clients to these experts as needed in order to make their search for top-notch service providers easier. We will also help you monitor their work and will help to intervene if you are not completely satisfied.

How Do I Get Started?

Call us to schedule a face-to-face meeting to learn more about your business and to begin the formation of a customized approach designed specifically to fit you and your needs that we identify in our first meeting. With a short conversation with one of our coaches, you will begin to see how working with us could benefit your unique business and what we would start working on to achieve results in your team, your time and your financial success.

When is the Best Time to Get Started?

Now! Right away! Sometimes owners want to wait until everything is perfect, wait until a big project is completed, wait until they finish mergers, wait until they flush out a partner, wait until they have more time… when in fact these are all key areas our clients later say they wish they had started sooner to get our guidance. Get in touch with a coach and discuss what’s going on so you can see for yourself why the best time to get started is right now!

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