Your Next Steps…

Your Next Steps…

Here’s how you can make more profit…

Video 1: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business’s Profitability by 61%

With her experience as a business coach, Juliet Kyes drives straight into the concept of the 5 ways to build profitability in any business. As you will see in the video, all businesses want the same thing: more customers, more revenue, and more profit…the only problem is, you can’t just go out and get them. All three are a product of other activities, five other activities to be exact.

More customers comes from your ability to grow your marketing generated leads and your ability to convert a higher rate of leads into paying customers. More revenue comes from your ability to continually market and interact with your database to increase the number of times they buy from you again and your ability to increase the average amount that they spend with you when they do come back. Finally, your profit is determined by how well you are able to manage the percentage of gross margin you are keeping from each sale.

The real kicker here is that most businesses want to grow by one of the five key drivers – you guessed it, leads – when in fact that is the most expensive of the five. By improving each of the five by just 10%, the result equates to a 46% improvement in sales and a 61% improvement in profit. This concept of the 5 Ways is a true example of working smarter not harder. Watch the video you to hear strategies you can apply right now to grow all 5 drivers in your business.

Here’s how you can build a business that works with you…

Video 2: 6 Steps to Building a Business that Works Without You

Juliet Kyes, a business coach and partner of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, shows you in this video the 6 steps to creating a real business defined as a commercial, profitable, saleable enterprise that works without you, the owner. There are 6 steps every business goes through – usually many at one time – in order to finally achieve the final step of Results. Step one is called Mastery and the name suits it well because it is all about mastering the most important basics – the seemingly simple things that when missed can lose the game – these include time mastery, financial mastery, destination mastery, and delivery mastery.

The second step is all about eliminating price competition by creating a clear unique selling proposition – the fact is without a clear reason to buy from you over your competitor it will always be about price. The third step is Leverage because when you have the marketing machine kicking you start really feeling the need for efficiency, delegation, doing it right the first time around, and making things easier – if you don’t write it down, you are destined to do it again. The fourth step is Team and this step includes learning about how to build a team from recruitment, to leadership, to accountability, to management, to engagement, all things involved in building a high performing team that will allow you as the owner to build a business that works without you being there day in and day out. The fifth step is called Synergy because it’s the point at which everything starts working together – you can feel the oil in the machine making fast work from what used to seem hard.

Now it’s about learning how to step out and put in structures and management to keep the business oiled long-term. The final phase of results is all about just that – what to do next? Imagine not being a slave to your business… what would you do? Invest in other businesses, franchise your concept, expand your company through mergers and acquisitions, create your exit plan for retirement, go on a trip around the world, learn how to invest in stocks…. This step is about exploring all of those and more!

Here’s what clients just like you say the value of coaching is for them…

Video 3: “With the Help of My ActionCOACH Business Coach…”

What better way to understand the many amazing outcomes you could have from investing in a coach than to hear from other clients who were once in your shoes and are now excited to share what they’ve gotten… you will notice that not one answer is the same and yet they all 100% recommend a coach in every business.


You have just learned about a proven, tested, tried and true resource for growing businesses you just didn’t know about until now!

Now, How are you going to apply it?

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