Is your ability to be efficient with your time critical to your profitability?

Is your ability to be efficient with your time critical to your profitability?

Do you and your team need help getting better use of your time to stop working reactively, putting out fires, and become more pro-active about building the company?

Would a solid business plan of action that gets you and your team focused on doing what matters, what’s important and what will get the biggest results make a massive difference in your business’ profitability and success?

Do you want to work more ‘ON’ your business rather than ‘IN’ it to create a systems dependent company rather than a people dependent one?

If you answered yes to one or all of the above questions, then you are not alone. Many law firms that we’ve worked with state their biggest challenges relate to inefficient use of time and payroll hours and not knowing where to start with implementing systems that will truly allow the business to run without the attorney and owner overseeing and micro-managing to get results.

The number 1 reason businesses fail is not seeking professional advice soon enough – and as an attorney you know better than anyone the value of professional legal advice as opposed to asking a friend or Google. You will continue to have the same frustrating results if you continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Literally, the definition of insanity.

Stop the Insanity Offer

Schedule a complimentary strategy session with a coach on our team to take one of the challenges address above or another one that is critical to your success in the next 60-90 days. You will walk away from this session with actionable steps you can take to move away from insanity and towards new results you’ve never had before. It is time to uncover what you don’t know you don’t’ know to get what you’ve not yet gotten from your law practice.

What Our Customer’s Say…

“Anyone can benefit from coaching, even if it is for a short period of time” … “the inspiration and positive support will change your thinking very quickly.”
Samantha Chechele

Chechele Law

Why are we offering complimentary strategy sessions?

It is quite simple. Our firm of coaches are driven by our passion to help practice owners build a business that works without them. We want practice owners to do the things they love to do in their business and make profit from delegating the rest. We also know by doing that it also creates the potential to create more jobs, drive economic growth locally and create a sustainable, legacy business that can be sold or exited. That’s what gets up excited to do what we do – and we’ve found that a simple complimentary strategy session can have a big impact on getting the managing attorney back on path to achieving their goals in business and in life whether they are a good fit as a client or not.