Employee Evaluations & Assessments

Our assessments help everyone in your team—from new hires to executives—thrive in your unique business environment. We provide simple, effective tools to enhance performance and strengthen relationships across your company.

Strengthen Your Team: Assessments for Growth and Success

We believe assessments are more than just tests. They’re opportunities for you and your team members to understand each other better and learn how to interact with each other. Our tools are designed to help everyone, from new hires to seasoned executives, develop stronger, more productive relationships.

With our supportive materials and action plans, each person can turn insights into actions that not only benefit themselves but also enhance the whole team’s performance. Let’s use these tools to build a more connected and successful workplace together.

“Not only was the recruiting a big help, but also the training model that ActionCOACH has was crucial to the firm.”

– Maryann Furman RN, ESQ, Owner of The Nurse Lawyer

Assessments We Offer

Our Sales Assessment is designed to help individuals identify their strengths and areas for improvement in sales. It provides detailed explanations behind each answer, empowering participants to understand not just what to do, but why it works. This tool is perfect for anyone looking to refine their sales skills and enhance their performance by building on their unique capabilities.

The 360 Degree Leadership Assessment offers comprehensive feedback from peers, direct reports, and superiors, making it an ideal complement to bi-annual or annual performance reviews. This assessment provides leaders with authentic, actionable feedback on their performance, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement to foster professional growth.

Our 360 Reports provide a comprehensive view of how others perceive you, contrasting it with your self-perception to highlight discrepancies that might lead to miscommunication. Utilizing data from colleagues and employees, these reports serve as a powerful self-audit tool that helps eliminate communication inefficiencies and enhance both workplace interactions and client relationships.

Our third-party Engagement Survey assesses your team’s performance against the 12 main drivers of engagement. It offers transparent, honest insights that are crucial for deepening team engagement and maintaining strong areas. With this survey, you receive a strategic plan from our coaches on how to leverage results to boost engagement, which can triple productivity and increase sales.

The Core Competency Assessment allows leaders and managers to evaluate themselves in essential soft skills, comparing their abilities against a national data pool. This tool identifies key areas of strength to leverage and areas that require attention, helping to tailor personal development plans effectively.

The DISC Online Assessment is a behavior profiling system that teaches users to recognize and utilize the predictable aspects of communication. Based on Dr. William Moulton Marston’s research, DISC is a trusted tool for improving communication within organizations, enhancing team dynamics, and boosting personal effectiveness in various business contexts.

The Motivators Assessment measures the seven universal dimensions of motivation, revealing why individuals act the way they do, beyond the how predicted by other tools like DISC. Understanding these motivational drivers helps tailor management strategies, as not everyone is motivated by the same incentives. This assessment is crucial for optimizing team performance and understanding individual needs.

This assessment combines communication style and motivational driver to better understand the person’s strengths and priorities.

Benefits of Business Assessments

Improved Hiring & Selection

Increase Sales & Productivity

Create World-class Leaders

Reduce Employee Turnover

Create Connected Teams

Model Team Building

Make the right, bright decisions

Customize Employee Training

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