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Tampa Bay Business Coaching: Keynote Speakers, Trainers and Executive Coaches

As coaches and mentors at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, our business coaches help both small and large businesses garner exceptional results and growth. Ford, Barb and Juliet’s unique abilities to captivate a room, make an audience laugh and deliver high-impact content make them sought after for public speaking, training and executive coaching.

Ford, in particular, is recognized as a trainer of other coaches and was a finalist for Seminar Coach of the Year by an international organization of coaches. Ford has served as the president and CEO of a large hospital and the executive vice president of a 10-hospital system. His past experiences help him provide dynamic, educational and inspirational coaching for all.

Topic Areas

ActionCOACH Tampa Bay business coaches discuss a broad range of topics as the keynote speakers for various businesses, events and seminars. Just a few of the topic areas are:

Top Performance: Want to learn the common attributes of champions? What about how to create more from within your people? This topic area is for you.

Leadership: Are leaders born or are they made? In this discussion, Ford discusses leadership and how to build the future and reap the rewards.

Employee Engagement: As a business owner, employee engagement is crucial in order for your business to thrive. Learn how to survey your employees  and how you match up and train them  to improve.

Sales Training: Without sales, your business will be seriously hindered. Let Ford help you create the confidence your buyers want.

Word of Mouth Marketing: Everyone can network and generate referrals; you just need to learn how to effectively do so.

What People Are Saying

“I have experienced a TON of training throughout my career in C-level technology positions for large healthcare organizations and I’ve even written my own accredited book — after all that, my experience with Ford has been unforgettable.”

– Lindsey Jarrell, Partner, International Healthcare IT Practice

“After engaging Ford and taking ACTION on the program, the return was FIVE TIMES the investment and there are still more new sales to come!”

– Senior Vice President, Construction Company

“The training we received created lot of dialogue, focusing, defining planning actions, got us very focused and productive and we finally have a plan. We were able to determine what it is going to move the company forward.”

– Executive Team, A Manufacturing-engineering Corporation

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At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we’re driven by the passion and success of our clients. If you’d like to schedule Ford, Barb or Juliet to be a keynote speaker at your business, seminar or another event, contact us today.

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