14724437_1341471222532594_8902886612126975141_nBusiness Coaching is Like Health Prevention for Businesses – Robinson MD

We just sat down with Dr. Stacey Robinson of Robinson MD to get some feedback on her long term coaching with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay!

Life Before Business Coaching…

Dr. Stacey Robinson started her practice in 2009 and quickly realized that she didn’t know how to run a business. “You know, in medical school, they don’t teach you how to run a business – I got my check book and my office and my computer and now I am going to practice medicine! It was very overwhelming,” she notes. Dr. Stacey Robinson was running her business with the help of only one assistant and, “I didn’t know where to start so I was really throwing things out there and seeing if I got patients – I had no plan! No testing or measuring or marketing. I didn’t know how to market!”  She didn’t have a plan to keep her business going a year after opening her practice, so Dr. Stacey Robinson started coaching.

Life with ActionCOACH Tampa Bay Business Coaching Tampa Bay

“I have a plan now! I have a weekly plan, a quarterly plan, a yearly plan and a five-year plan. I am planning to succeed,” Dr. Stacey Robinson comments. She has systems in place that allow her to measure her success and see what is really working instead of expending energy on what doesn’t work. Her team has grown from two to eight, with two other physicians, four assistants and several independent contractors. Coaching helped her learn how to tell if an employee is a valuable member of her team or not and has given her a new hiring process that saves time and money.

ActionCOACH Tampa Bay has inspired her to look at her business in a different way. “It [coaching] makes you see the potential of multiple streams of income from one business.” She was also inspired to write her book, Road Map To Health, and got a lot of guidance from the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team on the process.

12244365_1086591568020562_1798802291335256255_oWhat is it like working with a business coach?

Dr. Stacey Robinson is also a mother of two and can’t always get time out of her day to go meet with her coach once a month. To accommodate her busy schedule, most of her meetings are conducted via Skype! She says, “You can have a plan but you’re not going anywhere with it without a coach because they will hold you accountable in ways you can’t hold yourself accountable.” Dr. Stacey Robinson also comments that sometimes she just needs someone who understands her business to bounce ideas off of and her coach has been great for that. “They help me see the forest through the trees! They help me make changes and look at the bigger picture,” Dr. Stacey Robinson says.

rebootTo those considering coaching and the investment…

Dr. Stacey Robinson eventually included her husband, who is also a physician, in her practice and, because of the personal and professional growth she has seen, has made him go into coaching as well with the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team. “He didn’t want to at first but he really saw what I was getting out of it and agreed. He goes more often than I do now!” she says. “Coaching is priceless.” Dr. Stacey Robinson has seen a twenty to fifty percent growth in revenue every year and, “that wouldn’t have happened without my business coach. If you want my advice, just get a business coach. It is worth it!


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