tg_aboutus_cardozaTaking Near Failure to Success
Trinity Graphics

We sat down with Scooter Cardoza from Trinity Graphics to discuss his ActionCOACH Tampa Bay experience!

Life before business coaching…

Scooter met his current business coach, Juliet, before he thought he really needed one. He was more focused on “trying to get out of a home-based business into a brick and mortar space and I liked the idea and concept of coaching but it just didn’t make sense at the time.” But after they had been in their new space for a year and a half, “we were imploding. I was just running around like a crazy person constantly trying to put out fires.” The little time off he was able to take, he had to spend working at least a couple hours each day to keep order. “I was working on the production side of the business, not on the managerial side. I wasn’t working on the business.” It was then that Scooter had a meeting with a client who was getting coaching. “They said it [coaching] was awesome and had really improved their business,” so he decided it was worth a try!

Life with ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH helped me develop a Trinity standard!” Scooter reports. Trinity Graphics has been in business for sixteen years and ActionCOACH has really helped refocus him and his business in their two years together. Scooter also comments that his business has definitely improved. “We’re closing more deals now and in our slower months I used to have to cut production hours and this is the first year that we do not have to cut time. We’re extremely busy in the months that used to be our slowest times.” Scooter notes that ActionCOACH has also allowed them to get higher profile clients and a higher profit.

What is coaching like?

Scooter comments that he and Juliet start his session by laying out or updating a ninety-day action plan and he, “love[s] the accountability of it.” He also notes that, “you don’t realize what you don’t know and working together with [his coach, Juliet] has been very beneficial.” He also comments that the experience has been very self-reflective, “just, learning about myself and understanding myself and the way that I think. We figure out the tools that I need to be successful.” Scooter has really benefited from having an outside perspective. “Somebody is holding me accountable and giving me homework to make my business better.”

To those considering the investment…

Scooter’s CFO looks at the cost of coaching and has questioned the monetary expense. To that, Scooter 10154294_687403877972185_1641458111_nsays, “Coaching is an investment into Trinity Graphics and it’s a great investment because it has helped us get from virtually self-imploding to where we are now and where we are going. Coaching has given us the roadmap and the tools to be successful and it has been instrumental in our growth, attracting great clients, attracting the right team members. It’s been great.” Scooter believes in the change ActionCOACH has brought his business. “I’ve recommended it to my colleagues and my coworkers and my friends that have their own business as well. For people who are on the fence about coaching, they should take the risk because the reward is exponentially worth it.”

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