Success Stories

At ActionCOACH Tampa Bay, we are dedicated to helping local businesses achieve success. Through one-on-one coaching and various seminars, we have been able to pass on our business knowledge to the community…and with great results! Just read what people are saying about ActionCOACH Tampa Bay and you’ll understand why we’re the most trusted name in business coaching.

“I can’t recommend working with them strongly enough. They’re a fantastic team, and the tools they bring to the table will make you successful.”

– Thomas Geer, Founder and Owner, Florida Man Jerky

“The ActionCOACH community as a whole has been so encouraging.”

– Holly Gosa, Owner, Upstaged to Sell

“I’ve been working with ActionCOACH for almost a year now, and since that time my revenue has doubled and is on track to even more than double this year.”

– Erica DiAngelo, Founder, DiAngelo Law

“They’ve helped me focus on what’s important and the steps I need to take to grow my business.”

– Eric Shapiro, Owner, Surface-Tech, LLC

“My investment with ActionCOACH has been worth it because I have a little more time to work on things that I want to work on.”

– Dr. Trinette Moss, Owner and Physician at Total Family Wellness

“I have not only hit my second highest revenue month, but they have given me the tools to meet other people, network, meet other like-minded business people and really helped me as a business owner.”

– Ericka Mutz, Owner, Alternative Medicine Company & Med Spa

“At the end of the day, if the coaching fee is something you’re worried about, think about the long-term investment. Think about what it’s going to look like when you’re making 100 times the amount of what you’re paying into it.”

– Cameron Gaskin-Aukett, Owner, From The Ground Up Landscape Designs

“I can tell you that exponentially it has taken such a weight off my shoulders and has really helped diminish my anxiety as a business owner.”

– Kelly Lessem, Owner, Squeeze Juice Works

“We have doubled revenue over the past year and more importantly we’ve doubled profit and margin over the last year.”

– Calin Noonan, Owner, CASK Construction

“ActionCOACH has not only helped me market my business but has also made me much more time efficient.”

– Walt Blenner, Owner, Blenner Law Group

“If you feel lost, stuck in the rut and battling daily tasks and never feeling progress is getting done, hire ActionCOACH today.”

– Drake, Southern Landscape Solutions

“After going to one of their informational meetings I felt ActionCOACH was something we need for our business to really fill in the gaps so that we could continue to grow our business.”

– Ralph Kay, President, DVC Signs

“Anyone who’s thinking about working with ActionCOACH and is not sure or on the fence — you can’t afford not to. I owe every bit of where I am today to them.”

– John Pereira, Owner, Imperio Real Estate

“We’re super excited about the next chapter, and we couldn’t have done it without ActionCOACH.”

– Jillian Biltz, Mad Dog Armory

“They’ve helped me get all the bits and pieces in order to make the company attractive to a purchaser.”

– Andy Spetz, Founder, Coastal Services Supply

“Not only was the recruiting a big help, but also the training model that ActionCOACH has was crucial to the firm.”

– Maryann Furman RN, ESQ, Owner of The Nurse Lawyer

“Coaching really helps you understand that you’re working on your business instead of in your business.”

– Tim Shows, American Tech Systems

“I was in a position where I really wasn’t sure what to do and the coaching really helped me get myself organized.”

“We’ve grown from 1 employee to 25, 1 doctor to 6, and we are at 3 practices now. Our goal in the next five years is to have 10.”

– Dr. Frank Farkas, President & Clinic Director of Farkas Chiropractic Clinic

“Thank you ActionCOACH very much. I would highly recommend you at least dive in and see what ActionCOACH is all about.”

– Mike Thackery, Owner of Vine IT & Cyber Security

“I think a business coach is crucial to any business I think that any business owner who doesn’t use a coach is missing out.”

– Ryan James, Owner of Liberty Adjusters

“If you’re having any doubts about hiring ActionCOACH, don’t have any doubts because it’ll be well worth it for you to hire them for your company.”

– Beverly Lay and Savannah Lay, Lays Western Wear, Feed and Pet Supply

“I would highly suggest business coaching to any business owner that’s serious about trying to save money and being able to grow. ”

– Jim Jenkins, Founding Partner of Jenkins Law

“I’m able to accomplish more in one day, I’m able to tackle the tasks that mean the most and those have allowed my business to grow leaps and bounds with just a small effort and visit with ActionCOACH each month.”

– Danny Gochenaur, Vice President of The Raynor Group

“It’s nice to be able to talk to a professional” … “ActionCOACH lets you know you’re not alone and that you’re not the only business owner out there that is going through a lot of the same things and that they’re there to help you and have the experience to do that.”

– Elaine Calello, Co-Owner of Calello Plumbing

“After coaching with ActionCOACH we found results to be almost immediate” … “We’re able to do less and obsess and it’s been extremely valuable for us.”

– Ken Metcalf, General Manager of TemperaturePro Tampa Bay

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