Virginia Hargreaves: A Focus on Personal Development

We recently interviewed Virginia Hargreaves, senior accountant at a CPA firm, to discuss her experience working with Ford Kyes at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay. Virginia, while fairly new to coaching, cannot stop saying great things about her experience with the ActionCOACH Tampa Bay team! She was excited to share that “Coaching with Ford has been the best thing I could have ever done in my career!”

Why were you looking for a professional coach?

Virginia works for a CPA firm who focuses on family accounting, mostly high net worth individuals and all their financial needs. She was introduced to Ford Kyes by her mother, Kathy Hargreaves, who is also in a coaching relationship with Ford. Virginia was keen enough to know that she had some career development she needed to address and knew that she lacked focus and perspective.

“I was at the point in my life that I was looking to take the next step in my career. I did not know how to go about taking these steps and needed to develop my own strengths while developing a clear focus and honing in on my skills.” Although Virginia works for a CPA firm, she does not have a CPA background which made it difficult for her to find a groove.  When she met Ford, she was looking for a “personal trainer” of sorts that could provide accountability, structure, resources, and tools for self-development.

What results have you seen since starting coaching?

Since beginning coaching with Ford, Virginia has been presented with options outside the industry that she would have never considered prior to her coaching. She has also gained new mentors, learned about her personality and how she can leverage her strengths in the industry in a unique and valuable way. “I have improved my emotional intelligence and now understand how our brains work which has led to a dramatic increase in self-awareness and self-management.”

Ford Kyes Business CoachVirginia is thrilled with the results she has achieved in such a short period of time. Ford has helped her move from a place of frustration with her current circumstances to a feeling of empowerment. She has noticed a strong movement in the direction of the outcomes she wants for herself and others.  “I have been able to move my career vision from very limited to looking forward to exciting options, and have had the pleasure of being introduced to several successful business leaders while gaining a new perspective on what’s possible and obtainable.”

Virginia admits she is not a very regimented person, but with coaching, there is a sense of responsibility that must be upheld to get the most out of the teacher-pupil relationship. “I am given reading assignments and action steps based on goals I am looking to achieve.  Every other week we discuss the outcomes and discuss why I did not meet any goals I set and how I can change my mindset to stay on track.” Virginia admits that having this accountability helps her stay on track and makes her want to be prepared for when she meets with Ford.

Who else could benefit from hiring a professional coach?

“I know several people who are at the same stage in life as I was prior to coaching – they feel unfilled and want to expand and grow into different directions but, lack the focus or skills to reach new horizons.” After just a short time with Ford, she now recommends coaching as a way to gain the tools needed to get movement in the right direction, learn ways to obtain knowledge and resources to open doors, and immediately develop a clear plan to gain a competitive advantage. “I was becoming bored with what I do for a living and through this amazing adventure with Ford, I have reconnected with the industry. I now have a new passion and see my goals are obtainable.”



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