3 Team Building Exercises To Improve Communication

Communication is the key to success for every business. If your team doesn’t know how to express their ideas and thoughts with each other, then chances are you’ll find it difficult to function as a business. If you’re looking for a fast way to start emphasizing positive communication skills in your office, then try some of these engaging and helpful team building exercises!

1. Card Swap

This is a fun game that builds communication, negotiation and rationing skills. Team members must work together to create whole cards from the pieces of cards they are given.

Materials Instructions

At least three teams of two people, but more if possible

Four playing cards for every person

A pair of scissors

1.     Cut each card diagonally, then diagonally again so you have four triangular pieces of card.

2.     Jumble all the pieces and divide them up equally into however many teams you have. Place the divided pieces into separate envelopes.

3.     Divide people into groups of two or four. Give each team an envelope.

4.     Give teams three to five minutes to sort through their pieces, figure out which cards they can complete and what pieces they need.

5.     After this time, allow teams 10 to 20 minutes to bargain for pieces.

6.     When the time is up, the team with the most completed cards wins!

2. The Human Knot

Not only does this game boost your teams communication and problem-solving skills, it’s also a great icebreaker for new employees. This game involves forming a “human knot” and working together to figure out how to untangle themselves.

Materials Instructions

8-15 people

A large, empty room

1.     Have your team stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder.

2.     Instruct everyone to put his or her right hand in, and grab the hand of someone standing across from then.

3.     They then put their left hand in, and grab a different person’s hand.

4.     The group must now work together to untangle themselves without breaking the chain by letting go of anyone’s hand.

3. Blindfold Square

This game is all about the ways we communicate with each other. It encourages team members to work together, and trust in their co-workers. Participants are blindfolded, and must figure out a way to shape a pile of rope into a perfect square.

Materials Instructions

2 to 20 people

20 – 30 foot rope

A large empty room, clear of any furniture

Blindfolds for each participant

1.     Give participants a blindfold and position them around the room.

2.     Ask them to lower the blindfolds and turn around until you say “stop”.

3.     Lay the coiled rope in the room, near one of the participants.

4.     Tell them that you have placed the rope in the room and they now must find it and work together to position the rope in the shape of a square.

5.     Give them a time limit of about 10 minutes to complete the task.

Build a Better Team Today

Team building exercises are a great starting point for building communication and trust among your team members. However, if you are looking for a way to truly boost your team’s skills, give ActionCOACH a call. Our experienced coaches have the tools to train your team, and can help you to be a more effective leader. Don’t wait! Take your business to the next level and call ActionCOACH Tampa Bay today!



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