Networking – it’s all in the name……it’s NetWORK!

Most of us have been to countless networking events, but until I read 4 ½ Networking Mistakes by Tiffanie Kellog, it had been some time since I thought critically and strategically about the WHY and the HOW of networking. This book is a quick, concise read and I found much of the content to be new, rather than refresher. Here are a few of the key insights and takeaways that resonated with me the most:

  1. It’s After the Event that Matters: Attendees at networking events are not there to be sold, and they seldom are there to make a purchasing decision on the spot. The main purpose of any networking event is to meet (new!) people to add to your network of referral sources. This is what makes the follow-up to any attended networking event so important.
  2. Be Clear on Your Goals: Before you push that door open and walk into the room where the event is being held, be clear about WHAT you are there to accomplish. Maybe you want to book 4 follow-up appointments? Perhaps you want to be sure to meet a specific person that you spotted on the registration list? Or maybe you are aiming to secure a future speaking engagement? The possibilities are endless, but you have to have a plan or else you’ll either end up by the bar, or catching up with familiar faces.
  3. What’s in a Name(tag)?: How many times have you read someone’s nametag and drawn a conclusion about them and their profession before a word is even spoken? Or worse, the nametag prompts you to take a U-turn? This book encourages the use of a “curiosity nametag” – one that draws the other person in to ask you more. For example, as Business Coaches, we recently adapted our nametag to reference our mission of “world abundance”….who wouldn’t want to ask us for more?

If there’s a two hour window coming up in your calendar (maybe a plane ride or a beach chair?) and you are growing your business through referrals, I’d encourage you to add this book to your reading list. We’d love to hear your insights, so please drop us a line at here when you’re done.

Book Review by:

Jim McEleney | Business Coach at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay