One crucial piece of a startup company is something most people think they have covered, but few in fact do. That aspect is having an extrovert at the core of the decision making process.

Below, we’ll look at some of the ways that an entrenched extrovert can make any small business more profitable…


Why Every Team Needs an Extrovert

This is the obvious avenue most people think of when pondering how an extrovert can help a company. It makes sense. For a startup, getting business is probably the single most important factor in establishing market momentum.

The problem, though, is too many feel that having an extrovert doing sales fieldwork is enough. The truth in today’s business environment is that marketing is more effective when the whole company is aware of the strategy and adopts a unified stance supporting this strategy. An extrovert involved in the decision making process guarantees the company will be aware of the issues that must be dealt with to secure business.

Having someone who thrives on gathering feedback from everyone involvedfrom suppliers to end users of the productis a big advantage that can result in a more streamlined, profitable sales funnel.

Refining Ideas

Why Every Team Needs an Extrovert

Everyone involved in creative endeavors can encounter mental blocks. It is rarely the case there is a problem that cannot be overcome. Rather, it is usually a situation where the person has developed a rut in his or her thinking. This rut can prevent an idea from fully forming into its most profitable version.

An extrovert instinctively asks questions. This tendency can cause the company members in creative positions to rethink things that were previously set in stone in their minds. By asking the whats and whys of various steps, the extrovert allows the creative team to either come up with better alternatives or move forward knowing the current procedure is the best option available.

In business, having a tiny advantage in how things are run can translate to a massive advantage in the end result.

Bringing a Team Together

Why Every Team Needs an Extrovert

Despite every effort made by businesses around the globe, different departments have a tendency to focus on their own specialty and ignore what is going on in different areas of the company as a whole. It is, again, understandable. Most people feel that the best they can do for a company is put their all into doing their job as well as possible.

This tendency to have blinders on when it comes to other areas can result in otherwise easily fixed inefficiency going unaddressed. The extrovertwith the tendency to communicate with everyone and question what would help them do their jobsis great at rooting out these hidden inefficiencies and suggesting the solution.

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Why Every Team Needs an Extrovert

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