Every company develops a culture, whether or not a conscious effort is being made. Make sure your culture is one that you believe in. Here is how you can develop a genuine company culture that creates shared goals and ideals among your employees and drives passion for the work being done.

Hire Employees Who Fit

Sometimes, the candidate with the most impressive resume isn’t necessarily the right person for the job. When making a new hire, consider how each candidate would potentially fit in at your office. If your company culture is a little more lighthearted, you want to someone who is going to be willing to both participate in the fun and get his or her job done. You also want to make sure your employees are equally as passionate about what they do as you are. If they don’t seem enthused about what your company is doing, they probably aren’t the right candidates for the job.

Find Reasons to Celebrate

One of the advantages to keeping a business small is being able to celebrate holidays, birthdays, first days for new hires, anniversaries and other occasions with the entire office. While you don’t want to overdo the celebrations in a way that compromises workflow and productivity, a catered lunch or optional mid-week happy hour here and there are great ways to keep morale up.

Listen to Feedback

When cultivating your company’s culture, it’s important to include all of your employees in making decisions, not just management. Remain open to new ideas. Ask your staff what they enjoy about their jobs and where they feel improvements could be made. You can do this by sending out email questionnaires, hosting a monthly feedback meeting or asking your employees to submit comments anonymously. When your employees feel they are being heard and that their opinions have actual weight in the decision-making process, you’ll company’s culture will feel more inclusive.

Reward Accomplishments

Did one of your teams just meet a seemingly impossible deadline? Did your sales manager just land your biggest client ever? Reward your employees for these kinds of accomplishments to show them how much you appreciate their hard work. From paycheck bonuses, to individual recognition in a team meeting, to even something as small as getting them a treat from the bakery downstairs, any notion to show your appreciation for those who go above and beyond will pay off.

Be Adaptable

For your company’s culture to be truly genuine, it will have to develop naturally. Don’t force it, and be ready to make changes when necessary. As your company grows, things will inevitably have to change, but be sure to find ways to hold onto the core values you’ve established over time.

We Can Coach Your Company to Success!

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