How to Find Top Talent - 4 Tips for Hiring Right the First TimeFind top talent and hiring right the first time will be easy! Hiring, firing and rehiring can be one of the biggest expenses your business will have. So what if you could just hire the right person the first time? Not possible, you say? Wrong. It is certainly possible if you follow some easy tips.

First, know the job description of the job you are trying to fill. Create a job description that clearly defines the duties of the position, as well as the skills and experience necessary to fulfill the job. Do this for two reasons. First, so that those looking for a job know what will be required of them. That way you get the best candidates applying for the job and you will find top talent available. Second, it helps you focus on what you should be looking for while interviewing.

Next, determine the pay and benefits. While the jobs numbers are still really bad, you still need to be competitive to get and keep the best people. That means paying well, and having a good benefits package.

Google the name of the position and see what the average pay for it is in your area. Of course you need to keep your own budget in mind, but paying under the average won’t attract the most qualified candidate. As for benefits, some are required under state and federal law, so be aware of what you have to provide. Then also keep in mind that qualified candidates will expect a certain level of benefits, especially if your pay scale is on the lower end.

When selecting candidates, use the job description you drew up to narrow down the applicants to those you want to interview. Keep the pool of interview candidate small, around 4-5 to start and you will be hiring right the first time. Prepare your interview questions, being consistent, but also using them to answer any questions that you had from reviewing their application or resume. Ask open questions that make the candidates give a more expansive answer. Judge them on their answers, resume and how well their personality will fit with your business.

Use these ideas and you will find the top talent for your business and it doesn’t have to be a chore!

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