How to Hire Your 10th Plus EmployeeYour small business is doing ok, so much so that you are hiring employees to help handle the load. Great! So before you hire your 10th plus employee, you might want to put some processes and systems in place first. Even if flying by the seat of your pants worked so far, that kind of luck doesn’t hold without a plan in place.

Sometimes being in business is all about guts and intuition, but that can only take you so far. Now you need a plan. A business plan will put things like processes and systems in place to replicate the success you have had in the past. Of course all situations aren’t the same, but a process or system will mean that you have the practice to handle any derivation.

Codifying that system into a business plan means that you have a blueprint for where your business will go. That blueprint can become your manual for your employees for policy, how you want to transact business and the roadmap for where you are going. It gives your employees structure for their day to day job duties.

A system is important in any business. If you make a big sale, wouldn’t you like to be able to do it again, again and again? Without a system in place, the chances of being able to do that are slim. With a system, you can keep doing the same successful things. It’s like a good habit. You have personal habits like brushing your teeth, eating well and having check ups to make sure your health is good. Don’t those good habits keep you healthy? Following good habits in business will keep your business healthy and growing.

Having a system or process in place for your business will mean success for your business, very much more than your guts or intuition will. Put a system in place, and watch your good habits bring you success.

Now that you are growing (and successful), you need a trusted advisor to take you to the next level, one that has the know-how and experience to take you from a one or two person shop to the true small business you are becoming. Give us a call today to find out how ActionCOACH can be that advisor! (727) 786-2900