How an Office Pet Policy Can Boost Business

Allowing pets to come into the workplace is an employee benefit that not only provides comfort and amusement, but also increased morale. Studies show that both employee absenteeism as well as stress levels are reduced when pets are allowed.

In 2012, NPR reported on a study that directly linked lower stress in the workplace to having dogs present. While some dogs are better behaved than others, the overall benefit of allowing animals to come to work outweighs the costs.

Here are just a few of the many ways having an open pet policy at the office can help improve teamwork, productivity, morale and ultimately success…

#1 Better Communication

Many business owners allow pets because they are cathartic and they do not want to leave animals at home throughout the workweek. In addition, having pets present increases employee communication around the office. Virginia Commonwealth University conducted a study proving this: people get to know each other better through the common bond of pets. This communication can lead to a more productive team and work environment, due to the common bond between employees.

#2 Health and Convenience

Working long days and many hours can be exhausting. Having pets around the office encourages employees to get up throughout the day to walk their dogs and fit in a little exercise. In addition to getting some fresh air, employees report having their dogs at work is far more convenient than leaving them home.

Because pet owners are able to take their dogs out throughout the day, this reduces the occurrence of employees rushing out of the office to get home to take the dogs out. In addition, it helps employees look more forward to coming to work when they have a piece of home with them. At the end of the day, employees are largely more relaxed when they have their pets with them.

#3 Stress Therapy

Dogs often give comic relief that can help keep employees in good spirits during stressful situations. It is difficult to feel too overwhelmed at work when you see a wagging tail. Oftentimes when a break is needed, employees will actually seek out their favorite office dogs. The National Canine Research Center reports that perceived stress in offices correlate with other evidence that shows the positive health benefits of the interaction between humans and animals.

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