The Compound Effect
by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect is a different way of thinking and to better understand what holds us back in life and business.  With small everyday improvements, we can have massive results! Darren Hardy uses believable examples to give the reader ideas to begin changing their choices and becoming who they want to become.

To get the results you are looking for, it takes daily steps to reach your goals.  Just think of the recent Olympic Games. One could think that in the moment of the competition that the athletes were there at that level of physical, emotional and focused state all the time, they made it look super easy. With a closer look at the performance of the athletes, one would discover the years of preparation to which they commit. They have daily sometimes grueling hours of practice and repetition of their routines. This is the multiplier effect or the Compound Effect that Darren explains.

What are the excuses you are using on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly bases to hold you back from your BEST self? What if you considered making a better choice towards your goal each day?  Just a tiny commitment or step? What would you be like in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years?

I had the opportunity to meet Darren at one of our franchise educational forums many years ago.  The concept that has changed my thinking is how Darren explained how we can control what “inputs” we allow to be put into our brains.  If we put “garbage” I.e. violence, fear and negativity in our environment it becomes our thoughts.  Our thoughts become our decisions and our decisions become our actions. Darren suggests that we put ourselves on a “media diet” and instead add educational and inspirational “inputs” into our lives.  I especially enjoy reading and writing. In fact, this review is a positive example of my brain’s output by sharing what I’ve learned and putting it into my everyday practice.

So how do high performers reach such levels of success? Darren talks about that they have a preset routine each day and allow for gratitude, exercise, thinking time and planning. Again, those positive “inputs”.

I recommend this book to everyone that wants to improve the quality of their life. Darren has given us great examples and tools in this book.  He has even gone a step further in creating his “Daily Darren” offering online daily 5 minute steps. Please take the first step to changing your habits and you will be amazed at what you become.

“In essence, you make your choices, and then your choices make you.” – Darren Hardy

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Book Reviewed by…

Barb Kyes of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay